G. Andal Jayalakshmi

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This paper introduces three new heuristics for the Euclidean Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP). One of the heuristics called Initialization Heuristics (IH) is applicable only to the Euclidean TSP, while other two heuristics RemoveSharp and LocalOpt can be applied to all forms of symmetric and asymmetric TSPs. A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm (HGA) has been(More)
A case of phaeohyphomycosis presenting as multiple subcutaneous abscesses in a young lady with deteriorating liver function was reported here. The lesion started as a solitary abscess in the neck, mimicking tuberculous cold abscess and rapidly involved the face, chest, arms, and legs within six months with ulceration and discharge of thick brownish foul(More)
Myroides spp and Chryseobacterium spp are uncommon clinical isolates, though more frequently reported to cause infections than other pigmented non-fermentors. Two cases of Myroides odoratus and Chryseobacterium indologenes infection in a diabetic with pulmonary tuberculosis and a patient with de-compensated alcoholic liver disease, respectively, are(More)
Microbiologists play a pivotal role in the prevention of infection both at hospital and community level. Biomedical waste management (BMWM) is one of the aspects of infection control. For the effective implementation of this, various training programmes have been conducted at our regional training centre. This study evaluates the impact of the BMWM training(More)
Global routing for VLSI circuits has received wide attraction. In this paper we have presented a Hybrid CHC (HCHC) genetic algorithm for global routing. The hybridization is required for initializing population with feasible solutions. The CHC algorithm is used for evolution. The algorithm was tested for standard test problems and compared with a simple GA.(More)
P2P network is a popular technology used for sharing and searching files on the computers connected to the network. Current search mechanisms of peer-to-peer (P2P) systems can well handle a single keyword search problem. Other than single keyword search, multi keyword search is very popular and useful in many file sharing applications. For multi keyword(More)
Occupational exposure poses a significant risk of transmission of blood-borne pathogens to healthcare workers (HCWs). Adherence to standard precautions, awareness about post exposure prophylaxis is poor in developing countries. This retrospective study analyzes the self-reported cases of occupational exposure in a tertiary care hospital. During the study(More)
Complement-dependent lymphocytotoxicity crossmatches (n=217) between 47 deceased donors and 150 potential renal recipients were retrospectively studied. A negative cross match was reported in 48 (22.1%), doubtful positive in 126 (58.1%), weakly positive in 32 (14.7%) and positive in 11 (5.1%). No autoantibodies were detected. Renal transplantation was(More)