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An artificial neural network (ANN) was implemented on an FPGA to predict cetane number in diesel fuel from its chemical compositions, extracted by liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC). An MLP network is used. To train the MLP, two variants of the backpropagation algorithm are utilized: backpropagation with plummeting learning rate factor(More)
A Backstepping guidance (BSG) law with saturating actuator is proposed for nonlinear kinematics of missile-target motion in the three-dimensional (3D) spherical coordinates system. The most important characteristic of Backstepping control (BSC) is high robustness. The proposed guidance law can reduce interception time and increase robustness in comparison(More)
Introduction: Clinical Governance (CG) is an overarching concept, using organizational capacity, safeguards high standards of the health services and provides a safe care for patients. The aim of this research was to study nurses' perception about Clinical Governance. Discussions (FGD). Purposeful Sampling was used to select the objectives including 65(More)
This paper addresses the problem of structural control for mitigating seismic effects in the presence of structural parameter uncertainties. A linear single degree-of-freedom (DOF) structure is considered. It is supposed that mass, damping and stiffness coefficients of the structure contain uncertainty. Two different methods based on sliding mode control(More)
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