G Alexander Jones

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BACKGROUND The largest number of adult cases of haemolytic uraemic syndrome (HUS)/thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) during an Escherichia coli O157 outbreak occurred in 1996 in central Scotland. Adults who develop HUS/TTP induced by E. coli O157 tend to be elderly and have a historical mortality rate of almost 90% when treated conservatively.(More)
Anthrax is extremely rare in the western world but is endemic to areas of south and central Asia. In early 2010 an outbreak was identified in heroin-injecting intravenous drug users in the United Kingdom and Europe. Afghanistan is currently the principal source of heroin which reaches the United Kingdom. When anthrax occurs, cutaneous disease accounts for(More)
Rock climbing is a multi-discipline activity that encompasses forms such as bouldering, top roping and lead climbing on natural and artificial climbing surfaces. A major focus of research has been explanation of physiological functioning. More recent research indicates that anxiety levels are elevated for less experienced climbers and in response to lead(More)
The digital circulation was isolated in 12 ponies under pentobarbital anesthesia. Blood flow was either controlled by a pump or measured under natural perfusion. The responses to rapid changes and stoppages of blood flow indicated no evidence of autoregulation or reactive hyperemia. Local administration of acetylcholine, histamine, and prostaglandins E1 and(More)
We measured the flow rate and protein concentration of lymph collected from a digital lymphatic in eight anesthetized ponies. Additionally, we recorded systemic arterial pressure (Part), and small vein pressure (Psv). Control lymph flow averaged 0.068 ml/min, and contained 3.11 g/100 ml of protein with albumin/globulin ratio of 0.75. Twenty-minute local(More)
INTRODUCTION The absence of evidence-based guidelines for platelet transfusion surrounding invasive neurosurgical procedures leads to uncertainty in management. Multiple studies have illuminated this lack of high quality data, and subsequent reliance on expert opinion. The generally accepted threshold for platelet transfusion has hovered around 100,000/μL.(More)
Digital vascular pressures, blood flow, and vascular resistances were measured in 11 control ponies and in 8 animals (7 ponies and 1 horse) affected with laminitis created by feeding a high starch ration. Animals with laminitis had increased digital blood flow, increased arterial, small vein, and large vein pressures, and decreased vascular resistances.(More)