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This paper reviews the DRAM technology challenges for overcoming the 50nm barrier. First the product requirements and barriers to shrink the DRAM cell beyond 50nm will be addressed. Then the technology solutions for DRAM cell capacitor, cell transistor, and support transistors are presented. Key enablers arc high aspect ratio cell capacitor structures, new(More)
The degree of circular polarization ( Weierstrass p ) of the nonlinear emission in semiconductor microcavities is controlled by changing the exciton-cavity detuning. The polariton relaxation towards K approximately 0 cavitylike states is governed by final-state stimulated scattering. The helicity of the emission is selected due to the lifting of the(More)
Semiconductor microcavities offer an ideal scenario to study strong radiation-matter interactions. In this paper we review the temporal dynamics of polaritons in II-VI and III-V based microcavities under non-resonant excitation conditions. We present evidence of final-state stimulated scattering and discuss the spin-dependent emission, which exhibits a(More)
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