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Unimodular filterbanks (UMFBs) have the lowest possible system delay of M - 1 samples, where M is the number of channels. In this paper we make use of this property to show that finite length signals can be processed using UMFBs without any border distortions. More specifically, we show that perfect reconstruction (PR) is achieved without increasing the(More)
In this paper, we present an event handling framework for managing smart-grids and renewable energy installations: SmartSpace. Our framework aims at supporting decisions of human stakeholders, by providing adequate information to them. Different datasources feed into our framework and a variety of analysis and decision steps are supported. We are discussing(More)
This paper contains the application of Unimodular Filterbanks (UMFBs) based on two new structures for audio coding. Two key properties make UMFBs ideal for audio coding applications. Firstly, they have the lowest possible system delay of M ¿ 1 samples, where M is the number of channels. This property resolves the problem of pre-echoes. Secondly, the(More)
This paper contains the factorization of the polyphase matrix of finite impulse response perfect reconstruction filter banks into unimodular factors containing finite Jordan nilpotent structures and the associated transform matrices. An important contribution of the paper is the proposal of a systematic procedure for the construction of the transform(More)
The primary sources used for electrical energy generation are fossil fuels which cannot be replenished and hence the need for renewable energy sources is growing. The abundant availability of solar energy makes it reliable renewable energy source. The proposed work puts forward proficient approach to track the solar energy for the efficient operation of the(More)
Industrial Automation systems are considered critical infrastructure as part of process and power plants. In view of the increased attacks on energy utilities, it has become a norm for the customers to be comprehended by the security requirements. Industrial Automation and Power System standards have evolved to address these requirements. An approach(More)
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