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This paper presents mass measurements of glycerine beads performed by means of laterally resonant micro-cantilevers. The transducer architecture is based on a resonant cantilever electrostatically coupled by two parallel placed electrodes. Previous to glycerine measurements, a calibration of the mass sensor has been performed by measuring a standard mass(More)
An electromechanical model for a transducer based on a lateral resonating cantilever is described. The on-plane vibrations of the cantilever are excited electrostatically by applying DC and AC voltages from a driver electrode placed closely parallel to the cantilever. The model predicts the static deflection and the frequency response of the oscillation(More)
Nanolithography by local anodic oxidation of surfaces using atomic force microscopy (AFM) has proven to be more reproducible when using dynamic, non-contact mode. Hereby, the tip/sample interaction forces are reduced dramatically compared to contact mode, and thus tip wear is greatly reduced. Anodic oxidation of Al can be used for fabricating nanomechanical(More)
A microcantilever based platform for mass detection in the femtogram range has been integrated in the doped top silicon layer of a SOI substrate. The on-plane fundamental resonance mode of the cantilever is excited electrostatically and detected capacitively by means of two parallel placed electrodes in a two port configuration. An electromechanical model(More)
The nanometer-scale oxidation of Si(lQ0) surfaces in air is performed with an atomic force microscope working in tapping mode. Applying a positive voltage to the sample with respect to the tip, two kinds of modifications are induced on the sample: grown silicon oxide mounds less than 5 nm high and mounds higher than 10 run (which are assumed to be gold(More)
A CMOS compatible direct write laser lithography technique has been developed for cantilever fabrication on pre-fabricated standard CMOS. We have developed cantilever based sensors for mass measurements in vacuum and air. The cantilever is actuated into lateral vibration by electrostatic excitation and the resonant frequency is detected by capacitive(More)
An atomic force microscope (AFM) is used as a nanometer-scale resolution tool for the characterization of the electromechanical behaviour of a resonant cantilever-based mass sensor. The cantilever is actuated electrostatically by applying DC and AC voltages from a driver electrode placed closely parallel to the cantilever. In order to minimize the(More)
Nonlinearities have been shown to play an important role in increasing the extracted energy of energy harvesting devices at the macro and micro scales. Vibration-based energy harvesting on the nano scale has also received attention. In this paper, we characterize the nonlinear dynamical behavior of a strained nanostructured graphene for its potential use in(More)
The formation and properties of electrochemical platinum films grown on platinum contacts contained in implantable flexible microelectrodes were investigated. The resulting platinum deposits were obtained by applying cyclic voltammetry to baths containing concentrations around 70 mM of chloroplatinic acid. A pre-activation step was necessary before the(More)
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