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OBJECTIVE This study sought to determine whether cyclooxygenase products modulate angiotensin II-induced contractions of human placental arteries. STUDY DESIGN Ring segments of chorionic plate arteries (3 to 5 mm inner diameter) were obtained after normal vaginal deliveries. Active force in response to 10(-6) mol/L angiotensin II or 10(-4) mol/L(More)
Functional studies of hands strain covered 2351 women who performed multiple manual maneuvers with absent, mild and moderate efforts. Considered reasons of the functional strain were: number of the maneuvers per shift, applied efforts, work intensity, length of service, previous work hardiness, hand efforts beyond the worktime, specific traits of workers(More)
There are reported data of the analysis of parameters of the general morbidity (hypertension, chronic diseases, organs of respiratory and digestive system, adiposity, vertebral osteochondrosis) in dependence on age and work experience of dockers-mechanizators in seaport at various working conditions. Morbidity rate indices were calculated on results of the(More)
Northwest public health research center, Ministry of health and social affairs, St.-Petersburg. The article substantiates the conception of "office room", "office worker", estimates the basic diseases and symptoms among office workers (SBS-syndrome, BRI-illnesses, BRS-symptoms). Complex of indoor factors of office environment are analyzed, which influence(More)
The authors elaborated a medical and ecologic questionnaire for specific history. The questionnaire was applied to express-evaluation of public health state and environmental factors in the certain settlement. The health state was proved to be influenced significantly by occupational conditions, hardiness and intensity of work, psychologic climate. The most(More)