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Let ? be a subgroup of the group of all aane transformations of a real aane space A of nite dimension. Suppose ? acts properly discontinuously on A. We determine which orthogonal groups can occur as Zariski closures of the linear part of ?. As an application of the methods we shall prove Auslander's conjecture for aane spaces of dimension at most 6. R esum(More)
Let G be a noncompact semisimple Lie group and Γ an arbitrary discrete, torsion-free subgroup of G. Let λ 0 (M) be the bottom of the spectrum of the Laplace-Beltrami operator on the locally symmetric space M = Γ\X, and let δ(Γ) be the exponent of growth of Γ. If G has rank 1, then these quantities are related by a well-known formula due to Elstrodt,(More)
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