G. A. Sakuta

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Currently, there are two points of view on the ability of adult human heart to regenerate. One of them holds that the myocardium has a poor ability to regenerate. According to the other, the myocardium can rapidly regenerate due to the presence of resident stem cells in it. The purpose of this study was to test these hypotheses by investigating the(More)
The genome size of the Chinese hamster Cricetulus griseus, absolute and relative DNA content of individual chromosomes in normal Chinese hamster karyotype and Chinese hamster cell lines V-79 RJK and Vebr-5 during long-term cultivation were determined with flow cytometry and microfluorimetry. It has been shown that the genome size of Chinese hamster males(More)
Structural and functional changes in the heart and the parameters of gas exchange in rats were analyzed 6 months after initiation of myocardial infarction. With the aid of echocardiography, an increase was revealed of the terminal systolic and terminal diastolic sizes of the left heart ventricle in rats with chronic heart failure as compared with control by(More)
Morphological changes and regeneration activity of rat liver after experimental myocardial infarction (MI) caused by a permanent left coronary artery occlusion were investigated. It was shown that, 6 months after MI, considerable changes were observed in the rat liver circulatory system: the vessel amount per unit area increased by 118%, the thickness of(More)
A microfluorimetric method has been developed for determination of DNA content in individual human chromosomes. The method is based on a preliminary identification of chromosomes with Hoechst 33258 followed by staining of the chromosomes with Feulgen reaction by using Schiff’s reagent type ethidium bromide-SO2 and then by measuring the fluorescence(More)
Contractile cardiomyocytes in various parts of the heart differ in shape, size, ploidy, and other parameters. However, it is not known whether their population is heterogeneous within each heart chamber. In this paper, dry weight and ploidy of cardiomyocytes were estimated in different parts of rat left ventricle. It was found that the dry weight of(More)
With the aid of cytofluorimetry and interference microscopy, the ploidy level and the hepatocyte ploidy class distribution were studied and the dry mass of hepatocytes was measured in hepatocytes in liver of Chinese hamsters Cricetulus griseus and of Balb/c mice before and one month after partial hepatectomy. The mean ploidy level in hepatocytes of the(More)
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