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Detailed external measurements were made of internally deposited 241Am in a nuclear chemical operator involved in an americium exposure accident at the Hanford plant. Despite some interference from high-level external contamination, quantitative measurements of the 241Am content in the lung, liver and bones were made starting on the third day after the(More)
A new method has been developed at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory to analyze pulse-height energy spectra from whole-body counter in-vivo examinations that use high-resolution Ge detectors. A simple data transformation and smoothing function is used to calculate background and identify photopeaks for isotopic analysis. This technique is beneficial for(More)
The 241Am measurements on the donor's body, followed by an analysis of each bone of the skeleton, have provided the best available calibration factors for measuring the 241Am content in the skeletons of the living. These calibration factors have already been useful in measuring the skeletal burden of several workers in the nuclear industry. This study has(More)
An array of four large-volume coaxial germanium detectors was installed in a shielded room for the in vivo measurement of gamma emitters in the body. All four detectors are in a single 50-L dewar of liquid nitrogen and are positioned underneath the supine subject with the axes of the detector elements parallel with the length of the body. This orientation(More)
The 40K content of the upper legs was periodically measured in several subjects whose injured legs had been in a cast for 6 weeks or more. As the subjects began using the leg again, the 40K content increased as the muscle tissue was replaced. A 25% increase in 40K content in 6 months is typical for a normal leg use and recovery. This is equivalent to an(More)
Multiple planar high-purity Ge detectors have been used for the past year to detect, localize and quantify several radionuclides in radiation workers. The advantages of these detectors over NaI(Tl), phoswich, and arrays of planar Ge detectors attached to a single cryostat are illustrated by the results of the measurements of 238Pu, 239Pu, 241Am, 210Pb,(More)
For a study sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL) made lung counting measurements of lung deposition in 10 women who had inhaled 92mNb in England. These women were measured in both the supine and sitting (torso 45 degrees from horizontal) positions with a counting system of Ge planar detectors and(More)
Sodium-22 has been studied as a tracer for bone mineral metabolism in rats and dogs. When incorporated into bone during growth from birth to adulthood, the bone becomes uniformly tagged with 22Na, which is released through the metabolic turnover of the bone. The 22Na not incorporated in the bone matrix is rapidly excreted within a few days when animals are(More)
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