G. A. Panopoulos

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Evaluated a low cost and practical intervention designed to decrease children's, parents', and nurses' distress during children's immunizations. The intervention consisted of children viewing a popular cartoon movie and being coached by nurses and parents to attend to the movie. Ninety-two children, 4-6 years of age, and their parents were alternatively(More)
To understand better reported sex differences in sensitivity to pain, this study examined daily pain frequency and intensity, use of analgesics, physical activity, and both subjective and physiological response to acute pain in 18 men and 24 women, healthy people who provided information about their daily pain symptoms and physical activity before(More)
To understand better the role of pain history in current response to pain episodes, this research examined pain-related indices from the patient's family of origin and their relationships to the patient's coping with acute pain. Participants were 42 healthy men and women who provided information about their own and their family's pain history and then were(More)
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