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From 5 to 35 days of age, 32 Yorkshire pigs either remained with their dams continuously or were removed for 16 hr each day. At 35 days half of each group were slaughtered, while the remainder were weaned and fed ad l ibi tum until slaughtered at 70 days of age. Following slaughter brain, liver and a gastrocnemius muscle were weighed in entirety and sampled(More)
The effect of nutritional restriction and rehabilitation imposed between 5 and 35 d and 35 and 166 d of age, respectively, on body and tissue growth were investigated in 96 Yorkshire pigs from 12 litters. One-half of the pigs were allowed to suckle continuously until weaning (fully fed, FF); the remainder were removed from the sow for 16 h of each 24 h(More)
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