G A Levdikova

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The conditions for the detoxification of the crude preparations of P. aeruginosa exotoxin A, obtained by the cultivation of strain PA-7 in Martin's broth, have been studied, and the schemes for obtaining nontoxic, stable, specifically antigenic preparations of toxoid from exotoxins A with different degrees of purification have been developed. Toxoid(More)
Molecular changes occurring in type E. Cl. botulinum single-chain toxin as the result of treatment with trypsin under different conditions were studied. The intensity of activation of the precursor and the ensuing changes of its molecular structure were found to depend on the pH of the medium. At pH 6.0 complete activation induced by the trypsin treatment(More)
The homogeneous preparation of elastase has been obtained from P. aeruginosa clinical strain. The molecular weight of the isolated enzyme is 33,000 daltons, and its isoelectric point is 6.8. Two media manufactured in this country (dialyzed bovine heart hydrolysate and a dried semisynthetic medium) ensuring good production of the enzyme have been proposed.(More)
A new method of isolation of highly purified Cl. botulinum toxin of E type from the cultural fluid of strain 188 centrifugates was developed. The method allows to isolate the toxin both in a precursor and in activated forms with a yield of 10--15%. The method includes fractionation by ammonium sulfate, ultrafiltration and subsequent column chromatography on(More)