G. A. Lavrentiev

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The present work deals with the processes involved in the abiogenic polycondensation of nucleotides adsorbed on the clay mineral kaolinite under the action of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The dependence of the yield of synthesis products on irradiation dose was studied. The maximum yield corresponds to a 6-h exposure. The newly synthesized substances were(More)
Experimental data concerned with the processes of abiological thermal polycondensation of amino acids are presented. Conditions of the experiment simulated the migration of amino acid solution through the layers of clay minerals in lithosphere. Polycondensates of amino acids containing a peptide bond were synthesized under elevated temperatures and(More)
This paper is connected with the problem o f abiological synthesis of amine acids, purines and pyrimidines from such simple gases as H20, C09, N~, NH~ under conditions simulating the ash-gas cloud aurin~ volcanic eruptions (an electric discharge, gas mixture corresponding to the possible composition of volcanic gases, high temperature and considerable(More)
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