G. A. Kuznetsova

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414 For a long time, intracomplex derivatives of triethanolamine, metalloatranes X n – 3 M n (OCH 2 CH 2 ) 3 N , induce an interest by their high biological activity [1–7]. In contrast, the effects exerted on living organisms by their C-hydroxyl-containing analogs O-hydrometalloatranes, which contain one, two, or three coordinated bonds, are poorly studied(More)
215 The problem of alcohol abuse and ethanol intoxii cation of the Russian population requires the creation of effective antidotes. The effectiveness of some inorr ganic zinc compounds, in particular toxic ZnSO 4 , is known [1]. We have studied the protective effect in acute ethanol intoxication of a new nontoxic (DL 50 > 5000 mg/kg) organic zinc(More)
189-191 (1970). i0. V. E. Ryzhenkov, E. P. Bekhtereva, N. S. Sapronov, et al., Probl. Endokrino!., No. 5, 45-47 (1970). ii. N. S. Sapronov, Farmakol. Toksikol., No. 3, 216-221 (1979). 12. N. S. Sapronov, Fiziol. Zh. SSSR, 65, No. 6, 920-923 (1979). 13. N. S. Sapronov and V. E. Ryzhenkov, Probl. Endokrinol., No. 4, 47-51 (1975). 14. N. S. Sapronov and L. K.(More)
As can be seen from the facts given above, in order of toxicity the substances can be arranged in the sequence (IV) > (I) >(III) > (II). In a study of the mechanism of the biological action of quinones it has been reliably established [5] that, by interacting with the sulfhydryl groups of enzyme systems and inhibiting processes taking place with their(More)
Interest has recently arisen in B-adrenoblocking agents as stress-protectant drugs. The spectrum of antistress activity of B-adrenoblockers includes a number of components, among which an important part is played by the blacking of the peripheral effects of endogenous adrenalin, which is released in substantial amounts at times of high psychoemotional(More)
Stellera chamaejasmae L., family Thymelaeaceae, is a herbaceous p~rennial found in the USSR in Eastern Siberia [1]. Its chemical composition has not been studied previously [2]. W~ hw investigatPd the composition of the coumarins of the roots of S__ chamaejasmae L. growing in the Mongolian People' s Republic. The material was collected by the resources team(More)