G. A. Kuznetsova

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The roots ofPrangos ferulaceae (L.) Lindl. have yielded (−)-7-methoxy-8-(β, γ-dihydroxyisopentyl)-coumarin, composition C15H18O5, with mp 128°. [α] D 20 -53.03°, identical with a synthetic hydrate of meransin and found by us in nature for the first time. Various coumarin derivatives are present in the roots ofPrangos ferulaceae (L.): osthole, oxypeucedanin,(More)
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We have studied the coumar in composi t ion of the roots of P rangos quas ipe r fo ra t a col lec ted in Kirghizia" (R. Alabuga, Koshtobe). An ethanolic ex t r ac t was ch romatographed on a column of neu t ra l a lumina (Brockman act ivi ty grade III) and was eluted with pe t ro l eum e ther , mix tu res of pe t ro leum e ther and ch lo ro fo rm (3 : 1 and(More)
The IR spectra of 5- and 8-hydroxyfurocoumarins and their esters, 5,8-disubstituted furocoumarins containing hydroxyl, methoxyl, and alkoxyl groups, and 4′,5′-dihydrofurocoumarins differ with respect to the intensity and number of the bands in the 1630–1500 cm−1 region of the spectrum. The integral intensities of the absorption bands in this frequency(More)
We have studied the coumarin composition of the roots of Prangos lamellata Korov. collected in the region of the village of Urgut, Samarkand province, Uzbek SSR. A chloroform extract of the roots of this species of Prangos was subjected to chromatography on a column of neutral alumina (Brockmann activity grade III). Elution was performed with petroleum(More)
The effect of tonibral and another succinate derivative (IOH-13) on catecholamine level in the rat organs was studied after 48 hours of acute exposure to low temperature (-15 degrees C). The injection of these drugs prevented the decrease in catecholamine concentration in the heart and stabilized its content in the muscles. The higher survival of rats(More)