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A total of 107 patients with primary gout were examined. The pituitary-gonadal system is imbalanced in male patients with gout, which manifests by hyperproduction of progesterone and suppressed production of testosterone and estradiol. These changes are more pronounced in patients with chronic arthritis and proteinuric nephropathy. Similar dyshormonal(More)
Gout belongs to often-occurring rheumatic pathologies and its incidence among the male population of Europe has been rapidly increasing during the recent years. The pathogenesis of the disease is insufficiently studied and the existing methods of pathogenetic therapy are low effective. The disease pathogenesis with regard for dishormonal disorders has been(More)
In paper influence of a cytoprotective drug "Mildrocard" on morfo-functional condition of cardiorespiratory system at patients with chronic heart failure with concomitant chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is estimated. It is established, that joining "Mildrocard" to complex therapy associated to pathology promotes reduction clinical display of heart(More)
AIM To try polyenzyme drug vobenzim in chronic glomerulonephritis (CGN). MATERIALS AND METHODS 174 CGN patients were randomized into 2 groups. The study group of 39 patients received conventional pathogenetic treatment plus vobenzim (initial dose 18-24, maintenance 12-15 dragees a day). Control group of 135 patients were given only pathogenetic therapy.(More)
Male patients with gout exhibit a decrease in the blood content of testosterone and estradiol and an increase in the content of progesterone. The amount of androgen and estrogen changed insignificantly but the level of gestagen abruptly dropped in female patients. Irrespective of the sex the concentration of lutropine and follitropine appeared to be(More)
Thyroid gland function was investigated in rats with experimental hyperuricemia. Data obtained indicate that dyshormonal changes are secondary ones and their development depends on the state of purine metabolism. Administration of allopyrinol, an uric acid depressant drug, improved thyroid gland function.
An immunologic evaluation was done in healthy miners and those working in coal mines suffering from deforming osteoarthrosis. Blood levels of beta 2-microglobulin and circulating immune complexes, titres of antibodies to glycosaminoglycans and antigens from cartilaginous tissue and synovial membrane were all found to be elevated. Shifts in the immunity(More)
The studies covered serum levels of total and ionized calcium (Ca), parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcitriol (Ctr) and calcitonin (Ct) in miners assigned to various occupational groups and suffering from deforming osteoarthrosis. Ratio of calcium clearance to glomerular filtration rate was assessed. Ionized Ca appeared to decrease along with increase of PTH(More)