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Radiation as a method of treatment was carried out in 16 (25.0%) out of 64 patients with tracheal adenocystoma (radical dosage of 50-70 Gy (12) and palliative--40-48 Gy (4). The dosimetric profile consisted of the cervical, cervico-thoracic, thoracic and bifurcation sections of the trachea. Complete resorption of tumor was registered in 12, partial--3, no(More)
4 cases of melanoma of the respiratory tract (trachea and bronchi) are analysed clinico-morphologically. A case of melanoma with a primary multiple location (trachea and the main bronchus), rapid recurrence after surgery and radiation therapy is described in detail. Melanocytic nature of the tumor is proved immunohistochemically.
Cytological, histological, and ultrastructural examinations of 6 cases of adenoid cystic carcinoma of the bronchi were carried out. Cytological studies demonstrated cells of two types: smaller, rounded or slightly elongated cells with hyperchromic nuclei and scarce basophilic cytoplasm, and larger cells with clear nuclei and basophilic, slightly vacuolated(More)
The results of 3-year combined and surgical treatment of 173 patients with rectal tumors are discussed. Single dose of 7.5 Gy was administered to 83 patients on the eve of radical surgery. Ninety patients in control received radical surgery alone. One-, two- and three-year radical cure rates in the study group were higher by 22.9, 21.2 and 29.3%,(More)
Late outcomes of radiation and chemoradiation treatments and chemotherapy were analysed in 255 patients with low-grade generalized non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (NHL). In terms of total and relapse-free survival, chemoradiation treatment regimen yields the best results, as compared to chemotherapy. There is a general trend to improve the late outcomes when each(More)