G. A. D. Bock

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We present and investigate a Newton type method for online optimization in nonlinear model predic-tive control, the so called " real-time iteration scheme ". In this scheme only one Newton type iteration is performed per sampling instant, and the control of the system and the solution of the optimal control problem are performed in parallel. In the(More)
In the past decade the field of nonlinear model predictive control (NMPC) has witnessed steadily increasing attention from control practitioners. Its popularity comes from the fact that today's processes need to be operated under much tighter performance specifications while at the same time more and more constraints, stemming for example from environmental(More)
Combinatorial and logic constraints arising in a number of challenging optimization applications can be formulated as vanishing constraints. Quadratic programs with vanishing constraints (QPVCs) then arise as subproblems during the numerical solution of such problems using algorithms of the Sequential Quadratic Programming type. QPVCs are nonconvex problems(More)
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