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Determination, differentiation, and specialization of vascular endothelium are the main steps of its histogenesis. The source of the first determined endothelioblasts are condensed mesenchymal cells (blood islands) at the yolk sac (extraembryonal) and also in the intraembryonal mesenchyme. The term of determination is not yet known. The marginal cells of(More)
Comparative investigations with freeze etching procedure of capillaries of the rat heart and triceps muscle (fetal and some postnatal stages) reveal some differences of the junctional structures. Junctions of the skeletal muscle capillaries show several parallel arranged rows of partly linked and interrupted junctional strands with relative few junctional(More)
Artificial vesicles, liposomes, were prepared from the total fraction of phospholipids of rat liver mitochondria. Electron microscopy showed that the structure of liposomes depended on cation composition of the medium in which they were formed. Fluorescence of chlorotetracycline increased in the suspension of liposomes loaded with Ca+2 due to the formation(More)
Structure of endotheliocytes of the human liver sinusoids during 4-5-9 months of intrauterine development has been studied electron microscopically. At early stages of embryogenesis the liver sinusoids are covered with continuous endothelium. As cytodifferentiation progresses, formation of zonality in cytoplasm of endotheliocytes is observed. In the most(More)
Two methods of preparation of isolated rat liver cells were studied. In the first method, the dissociative effect of enzymes and mechanical treatment and Hanks' solution as isolation medium were used. In the second method, enzymes were replaced by compexon-ethylenediamine tetraacetate and Hanks' solution -- by 0.25 M sucrose. The cells obtained by the(More)