G. A. Aggidis

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Ten years on from a review in the twentieth issue of this journal, this contribution assess the direction research in the field of glucose sensing for diabetes is headed and various technologies to be seen in the future. The emphasis of this review was placed on the home blood glucose testing market. After an introduction to diabetes and glucose sensing,(More)
-There is a worldwide opportunity for clean renewable power. The results from the UK Government’s “Marine Energy Challenge” showed that marine energy has the potential to become competitive with other forms of energy. The key to success in this lies in a low lifetime-cost of power as delivered to the user. Pitch-surge pointabsorber WECs have the potential(More)
-The paper discusses the need for a wave energy converter (WEC) to sense and respond to its environment in order to survive and to produce its maximum useful output. Such systems are described for Wraspa, a WEC being developed at Lancaster University and first reported at ICCEP in 2007. The main control system that continually monitors and optimises the(More)
This paper describes the development of a sequential decision support system to promote hydroelectric power in North-West England. The system, composed of integrated models, addresses barriers to the installation of hydroelectric power schemes. Information is linked through an economic assessment which identifies different turbine options, assesses their(More)
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