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This study aims to investigate the effect of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) on rat kidney cortex histology. Oral exposure of rats to 2,4-D for 28 days resulted in decreases in body weight gain and kidney weight. Histological examination showed degeneration in renal corpuscles and podocytes; vacuolization in the glomerulus with disintegration of the(More)
The species Ophryoscolex purkynjei and its four formae [O. p. f. purkynjei, O. p. f. bifidobicinctus, O. p. f. bicoronatus and O. p. f. tricoronatus] from the Cypriot domestic goats (Capra hircus) have been investigated from the viewpoint of the diagnostic morphometrical characteristics. Moreover, it was demonstrated that there was significant(More)
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