Gürsel A. Süer

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This paper seeks to determine the feasibility of using fuzzy concepts in conjunction with genetic algorithms to solve multi-objective single machine scheduling considering both single scheduler and multiple schedulers. Another focus of this research is to test the feasibility of gene detection strategies to perform block crossover during the evolution cycle(More)
In this study, a mathematical programming approach is proposed to design a layered cellular manufacturing system in highly fluctuated demand environment. A mathematical model is developed to create dedicated, shared and remainder cells with the objective of minimizing the number of cells. In contrast with classical cellular manufacturing systems, in layered(More)
In this study, a non-linear mathematical model is proposed to solve the stochastic cellular manufacturing system (CMS) design problem. The problem is observed in both machine and labor-intensive cells, where operation times are probabilistic in addition to uncertain customer demand. We assume that processing times and customer demand are normally(More)