Gürhan Gündüz

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Chromosomal anomalies may be a reason for male infertility. To find out whether this is true mitotic chromosome studies were performed on 41 males with azoospermia and 61 males with oligozoospermia. A constitutional chromosomal abnormality was diagnosed in 14 (34.1%) azoospermic patients and in 2 (3.3%) oligozoospermic patients. The 47,XXY karyotype was the(More)
We describe three unrelated families with an increased frequency of cells with premature centromere division (PCD) in all of the chromosomes. There were eight phenotypically normal individuals with PCD in these families. Familial PCD phenomenon is different from the described PCD of X chromosome and of the cells of patients with Roberts syndrome. In this(More)
This paper presents a study on predicting academically at-risk engineering students at the early stage of their education. For this purpose, some soft computing tools namely support vectors machines and artificial neural networks have been employed. The study population included all students enrolled in Pamukkale University, Faculty of Engineering at(More)
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