Gür Emre Güraksin

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Due to the absorption and scattering of light in underwater environment, underwater images have poor contrast and resolution. This situation generally causes to a color, which became more dominant than the other ones. Because of that, analyzing underwater images effectively and identifying any object under the water has become a difficult task. In this(More)
Bone age is assessed through a radiological analysis of the left-hand wrist and is then compared to chronological age. A conflict between these two values indicates an abnormality in the development process of the skeleton. This study, conducted on children aged between 0 and 6 years, proposes a computer-based diagnostic system to eliminate the(More)
When the maximum likelihood approach (ML) is used during the calculation of the Discrete Hidden Markov Model (DHMM) parameters, DHMM parameters of the each class are only calculated using the training samples (positive training samples) of the same class. The training samples (negative training samples) not belonging to that class are not used in the(More)
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