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At the Sulm River, an Austrian lowland river, an ecologically orientated flood protection project was carried out from 1998-2000. Habitat modeling over a subsequent 3-year monitoring program (2001-2003) helped assess the effects of river bed embankment and of initiating a new meander by constructing a side channel and allowing self-developing side erosion.(More)
Species distribution modelling, as a central issue in freshwater ecology, is an important tool for conservation and management of aquatic ecosystems. The brown trout (Salmo trutta) is a sensitive species which reacts to habitat changes induced by human impacts. Therefore, the identification of suitable habitats is essential. This study explores the(More)
Numerical fish-habitat modelling on various scales is considered to be state of the art in river management. However, most of the concepts applied use steady-state hydraulic parameters such as flow velocity and water depth. Herein we present analysis and discussion of the possibility of including a drift-feeding parameter (SIF) into habitat evaluations(More)
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