Günther Schuh

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In this chapter, the concept of the virtual enterprise is developed. A motivating case at the beginning points to dilemma that acting manufacturing managers are facing. For the conditions of unpredictable change and dynamic markets the concept of the virtual enterprise is characterized, first, as a business model to create business value, second, as an(More)
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) innovates as it defines both the product as a central element to aggregate enterprise information and the lifecycle as a new time dimension for information integration and analysis. Because of its potential benefits to shorten innovation lead-times and to reduce costs, PLM has attracted a lot of attention at industry and(More)
The product structure plays a major role in product lifecycle management. It defines the structured relationship among product items and integrates all product related information. To effectively support lifecycle management implementation, initiatives to define product structuring reference models must consider that the process that best fits a specific(More)