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Psychiatry is at an important juncture, with the current pharmacologically focused model having achieved modest benefits in addressing the burden of poor mental health worldwide. Although the determinants of mental health are complex, the emerging and compelling evidence for nutrition as a crucial factor in the high prevalence and incidence of mental(More)
AIM Research in the phenomenological tradition suggests that the schizophrenia spectrum is characterized by disturbance of the 'basic' self, whereas borderline personality disorder involves disturbance of the 'narrative' self. The current study investigated this proposal in an ultra-high risk for psychosis sample. METHODS The sample consisted of 42(More)
BACKGROUND People with schizophrenia have high rates of substance use which contributes to co-morbidity and premature mortality. Some evidence suggests people at-risk for psychosis have high rates of substance use. We aimed to assess substance use in a help-seeking cohort, comparing those at-risk and not at-risk for psychosis, and to establish any(More)
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