Günther Palm

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The information storing capacity of certain associative and auto-associative memories is calculated. For example, in a 100×100 matrix of 1 bit storage elements more than 6,500 bits can be stored associatively, and more than 688,000 bits in a 1,000×1,000 matrix. Asymptotically, the storage capacity of an associative memory increases proportionally to the(More)
We consider several measures for the correlation of firing activity among different neurons, based on coincidence counts obtained from simultaneously recorded spike trains. We obtain explicit formulae for the probability distributions of these measures. This allows an exact, quantitative assessment of significance levels, and thus a comparison of data(More)
In this paper, learning algorithms for radial basis function (RBF) networks are discussed. Whereas multilayer perceptrons (MLP) are typically trained with backpropagation algorithms, starting the training procedure with a random initialization of the MLP's parameters, an RBF network may be trained in many different ways. We categorize these RBF training(More)
Neural associative networks with plastic synapses have been proposed as computational models of brain functions and also for applications such as pattern recognition and information retrieval. To guide biological models and optimize technical applications, several definitions of memory capacity have been used to measure the efficiency of associative memory.(More)
Identification experiments were performed to assess the relative importance of Fourier phase versus amplitude for Ž . intervocalic stop consonant perception. In the first experiment, three types of stimuli were constructed from VCV signals: 1 Swapped stimuli, a swapped stimulus has the amplitude spectra of its consisting segments from one VCV signal and its(More)
A new a m to the asymptotic analysis of autoassociation properties in recurrent McCulloch-Pitts networks in the range of low activity is proposed. Using information theory, this method examines the sialic S l N C t U T e of stable states imprinted by a Hebbian storing process. In addition to the definition of cfitical pattern capacity usually considered in(More)
We investigate the pattern completion performance of neural auto-associative memories composed of binary threshold neurons for sparsely coded binary memory patterns. Focussing on iterative retrieval, eeective threshold control strategies are introduced. These are investigated by means of computer simulation experiments and analytical treatment. To evaluate(More)