Günther Nentwig

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Many biting insects are able to transmit diseases or are a regarded as pests. The use of repellents is one personal protection measure to avoid to been bitten. The first components which were used for this purpose were of plant origin. Some are still used, e.g., citronella oil. Systematic evaluation of synthetic repellents began during the Second World War.(More)
Aggregation behavior and reduced locomotory activity in the German cockroach is known to be caused by chemical compounds in the feces. The attractive and/or arrestant efficacy of three relevant substances was tested in first instars by a two-choice aggregation test and in adults with a locomotion compensator apparatus that allows quantification of(More)
Control of adult roaches is usually not problematic as those life cycle stages are actively exploring the habitat for food sources. Nymphs are less mobile and therefore less likely to access a bait spot directly. Natural occurring populations of German cockroach (Blattella germanica L.) show a relatively constant ratio of nymphs in the total population of(More)
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