Günther Kreismayr

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A novel scalable liposome preparation technique for pharmaceutical application is presented. Previous experiments have shown that the concept of continuous crossflow injection is a promising approach. For the characterization of the process, we focus on the influencing parameters like the lipid concentration, the injection hole diameter, the injection(More)
A new scalable liposome production system is presented, which is based on the ethanol injection technique. The system permits liposome manufacture regardless of production scale, as scale is determined only by free disposable vessel volumes. Once the parameters are defined, an easy scale up can be performed by just changing the process vessels. These(More)
Methods for encapsulation of a drug into liposomes should preferably result in a high encapsulation efficiency and a high encapsulation capacity. Our studies were focussed on the establishment of an efficient encapsulation procedure of the radical scavenging protein, rh-Cu/Zn-SOD, into liposomes with the cross flow injection method. Limitations to increase(More)
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