Günther Klug

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BACKGROUND Although aging is accompanied by diminished functioning, many elderly individuals preserve a sense of well-being. While the concept of "successful aging" has been popular for many decades, little is known about its psycho-physiologic and endocrine underpinnings. KORA-Age is a population-based, longitudinal study designed to determine the(More)
OBJECTIVES This study investigates the stability of symptomatic and interpersonal changes after inpatient psychodynamic psychotherapy. METHODS 437 patients were assessed 3 to 5 years after discharge with the Symptom Checklist (SCL-90-R), the Inventory of Interpersonal Problems (IIP), global assessment of effectiveness and utilization of posttreatment(More)
OBJECTIVES This study explores patients' utilization of psycho-oncologic support and the effectiveness thereof. METHODS At the hospital in Munich-Harlaching, 51 patients were recruited following their first admission to the breast centre, 27 of whom utilized the psycho-oncologic service. They were compared to 24 decliners of the service. All patients(More)
BACKGROUND Whether oxytocin functions as a stress hormone in older age is unknown. We investigated oxytocin levels and the perceived stress of an adverse life event in an older population-representative sample and considered the effect of a secure/insecure attachment style on this association. METHODS Non-fasting plasma oxytocin was measured from 952(More)
UNLABELLED Empirical evidence for the effectiveness of long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy (LTPP) in patients with mood disorders is growing. However, it is unclear whether the effectiveness of LTPP is due to distinctive features of psychodynamic/psychoanalytic techniques or to a higher number of sessions. We tested these rival hypotheses in a(More)
The Scales of Psychological Capacities (SPC) were developed to gauge structural change, the mode-specific effect of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapies. In this study, as a first step, basic psychometric properties that assess psychic structure were examined. Construct validity was investigated as predictive validity in a known-groups(More)
Trajectories and mediators of change were investigated in a process-outcome study. Patients were allocated at random to psychoanalytic therapy (PA) or psychodynamic therapy (PD), and later to cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). Measurement points were at pre-treatment, during ongoing treatment, at post-treatment, and during a three-year follow-up. Outcome(More)