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This paper is about a new electro-mechanical mod-eling paradigm based o n h a r dware description languages which paves the way to mechatronical HW/SW-Cosimulation. The strategy is illustrated by an example from automotive system design: a processor-controlled wheel suspension following BMW's electronic damper control. Its suitability in function and(More)
Newborns of all mammal species are dependent on passively acquired protection against infection in order to survive the change from the relatively safe intrauterine life to extrauterine life with its many risks of infection. Most infections occur during the postnatal phase, that is, the first 7-10 days of life (Bachmann 1980). Domestic animals can only(More)
  • G P Hess
  • 1987
There is a great deal of clinical overlap in patients with throat complaints. Foreign body sensation, difficulty in swallowing, and hoarseness may all stem from one entity or may be totally unrelated. First and foremost, always protect the airway. Thereafter, a thorough history, combined with a directed physical examination and radiologic studies, will(More)
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