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—Considering the sea ice decline in the Arctic during the last decades, polynyas are of high research interest since these features are core areas of new ice formation. The determination of ice formation requires accurate retrieval of polynya area and thin-ice thickness (TIT) distribution within the polynya. We use an established energy balance model to(More)
The North Water (NOW) Polynya is a regularly-forming area of open-water and thin-ice, located between northwestern Greenland and Ellesmere Island (Canada) at the northern tip of Baffin Bay. Due to its large spatial extent, it is of high importance for a variety of physical and biological processes, especially in wintertime. Here, we present a long-term(More)
A case of ulcerative colitis occurred during treatment of rheumatoid arthritis with the new oral gold preparation auranofin after a cumulative dose of 2160 mg. A barium enema showed loss of mucosal pattern and a rectal biopsy disclosed deep erosions, mucosal inflammation, and crypt abscesses. Precipitates of gold were seen in the periglandular stroma. On(More)
In a previous clinical study it was found that patients with coronary heart disease and diabetics with peripheral artery disease often have an elevated erythrocyte aggregation value (AW) and that there is a positive correlation between AW and the number of risk factors found in a subject. In the present investigation we studied the relationship between AW(More)
Platelet counts in whole blood were performed by means of a new particle analyzer with a hydrodynamic focused aperture (Ultra-Flo 100) and its values were compared with the results obtained by an optical counting chamber. The comparison yielded good agreement of the values within the evaluated range of 3-963 G/l thrombocytes. Especially remarkable is the(More)