Günther Hammer

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Hen's egg white has been reported as a causative agent of allergic reactions, with ovalbumin, conalbumin, ovomucoid, and lysozyme being the major allergens. However, little is known about the effects of processing with heat and high pressure on the allergenicity of egg white proteins as ingredients in meat. For this purpose, the allergenic characteristics(More)
The relationship between the volume of distribution, delta', extent of protein binding, EPB, and the apparent partition coefficient, APC, was investigated using 125 different drugs for which the data were retrieved from the literature, calculated, or determined experimentally. Equations were developed which allow one to predict the blood level concentration(More)
Blood level data for the antimalarials amodiaquine, chloroguanide, chloroquine, pyrimethamine, quinine and sulphadoxine have been retrieved from the literature and pharmacokinetically analyzed. Minimum, average and maximum blood level concentrations at steady state in suppressive treatment and peak concentrations in therapeutic treatment were predicted and(More)
A retrospective pharmacokinetic analysis was done of papaverine plasma level data in man reported in the literature. Upon i.v. administration the plasma level vs time curve can best be described by an open two-compartment model, and upon p.o. administration by open-compartment model. The biological half-life of papaverine varies between 1.5 and 2.2 hours,(More)
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