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In this paper we describe an approach to automatic evaluation of both the speech recognition and understanding capabilities of a spoken dialogue system for train time table information. We use word a c curacy for recognition and concept accuracy for understanding performance judgement. Both measures are calculated by comparing these modules' output with a(More)
Die vorliegende Arbeit wurde im Rahmen des Verbundvorhabens Verbmobil vom Bundesministe-rium f ur Bildung, Wissenschaft, Forschung und Technologie (BMBF) unter dem FF orderkennzeichen 01 IV 101 H9 geff ordert. Die Verantwortung f ur den Inhalt dieser Arbeit liegt bei den Autoren. Abstract The German joint research project Verb-mobil (VM) aims at the(More)
  Zahlreiche Anwendungen der Informatik erfordern die Erstellung oder Bearbeitung von Modellen konkreter Abläufe oder Prozesse, zu deren erfolgreicher Durchführung ein Einblick in die grundlegenden Verfahrensschritte der Modellierung unabdingbar ist. Die Verfasser versuchen, im vorliegenden Text über eine genaue Beschreibung der Aufgaben auf einem hohen(More)
In this paper we describe the linguistic processing component of a spoken dialogue system. The task of this word graph parser is to nd the most plausible sequence of word hypotheses in the input graph. If no global solution can be found, a robust mechanism of selecting multiple partial results is applied. We argue that the semantic accuracy of the selected(More)
Speech repairs occur often in spontaneous spoken dialogues. The ability to detect and correct those repairs is necessary for any spoken language system. We present a framework to detect and correct speech repairs where all tel-evant levels of information, i.e., acoustics, lexis, syntax and semantics can be integrated. The basic idea is to reduce the search(More)
— Modelling rational dialogues on the basis of Finite-State Automata has shown to be of limited use when natural speech behaviour and dynamic adaptation to new domains are an issue. To enable such a flexible, robust and generic dialogue management, we rely on an approach characterized by a logically precise modelling of the linguistic and application(More)
This paper describes the design and implementation of the programming language PC-Life. This language integrates the functional and the logic-oriented programming style and feature types supporting inheritance. This combination yields a language particularly suited to knowledge representation, especially for application in computational linguistics.