Günther Döring

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Throughout Germany, 851 women who were instructed in natural family planning participated in a prospective study. Of these, 255 women with 3174 cycles used only natural family planning for family planning and 274 women with 3995 cycles occasionally used barrier methods in the fertile phase. For natural family planning--only users, the Pearl rate for(More)
A total of 1,267 women in the F.R.G., aged from 15 to 45 years, were interviewed about their family planning behavior and the importance of natural methods of family planning (NFP) in a representative demographic study. It was found that 19.6% of the respondents were not sexually active. The others used various methods, as follows: pill, 38.4%; IUD, 10.3%;(More)
1 Motivation Conventionally, the controller design for structured data stream processing is not well supported by tools [SHM-96]. So, we are faced with a bottleneck in the design process especially for telecommunication applications. Therefore we checked the qualification of domain specific high level synthesis approaches [Sea-94, Syn-98, HoB-98] to improve(More)
In a total of 11,026 prenatal case patients there were 1000 patients who became pregnant following the cessation of the use of oral contraceptives. Results were compared with the pregnancies of 500 patients who never had employed contraceptive steroids. Comparison shows that in both groups the incidence of premature birth, perinatal mortality, congenital(More)