Günther Blümel

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The incorporation of resected, extracorporeally irradiated (1, 5, 25 and 50 kGy) and orthotopically reimplanted autogeneic cortical bone was investigated in 116 adult Wistar rats. 7 mm-long diaphyseal segments of the tibia were resected, irradiated and reimplanted using K-wire osteosynthesis. Autogeneic fresh grafts served as controls. Graft healing was(More)
Anaesthesia in guinea pigs with a new highly potent and short-acting analgesic, carfentanyl (R 33799), combined with the hypnotic, etomidat (R 26490), is reported. Clinical observations as well as respiratory and circulatory variables have revealed this combination to be safe. Profound surgical anaesthesia has been obtained with good sedation, analgesia,(More)
A flow cytometry based method has been developed to assess natural killer (NK) cell activity in both short-term (4 h) and long-term (18 h) NK assays. Target cells were either labeled with PKH-2, c'FDA or D275. Simultaneously, dead cells were identified by counter-staining with the nuclear dye propidium iodide. Using flow cytometry, only D275 in combination(More)
Left ventricular infarction (AMI) was produced in experimental animals and the contractile response to isoproterenol was tested in the isolated perfused heart preparation. Adenylate cyclase activity, phosphodiesterase activity, and beta-receptor binding characteristics were determined in a sarcolemmal preparation of the right ventricle of the same hearts.(More)
In 160 high risk patients with total hip replacement the antithrombotic efficacy and tolerance of a single daily injection of 1500 aPTT-U (aPTT = activated partial thromboplastin time) low molecular weight heparin plus 0.5 mg dihydroergotamine (HNMD; Embolex NM) was compared with a twice daily application of 5000 IU of the heparin-dihydroergotamine(More)
The cruciate ligaments are generally regarded as regulators of the joint kinematics, but also increasingly as a "Sensory organ" regulating the periarticular musculature, which influences the position of the contact surfaces and the direction and magnitude of the resultant forces. Indirectly, therefore, they influence the long-term stress distribution, which(More)
198 Phonoarthrographic examinations of the knee joint are reported on. An analysis was then carried out on the noise in knee joints with clinically and operatively demonstrated gonarthritis, chondromalacia of the patella, meniscus lesion and complex ligament injuries of the knee joint. Our results show that statistically, due to the division of the noise(More)
The use of composite materials in orthopaedic surgery permits the design of implants with varying degrees of stiffness. A system of carbon fibre reinforced epoxy hip stems was investigated and compared to the mechanical safety of metal ones. Special attention has been paid to the fact that torsional moments are the common failure mechanism of composite(More)
Whole body hyperthermia was produced in 14 patients with conventionally incurable malignant disease. The technique consisted of arteriovenous shunting involving extracorporeal circulation with heat exchange during general anaesthesia. A temperature of 41.8 degrees C was maintained for periods of 6 hours. After achieving hyperthermic temperatures treatment(More)
Research on one group of nine anesthetized dogs pretreated with alpha-naphthyl-thiourea showed that doses of the beta-sympathicomimetic fenoterol such as those normally administered in clinical tocolysis (2 micrograms/kg per minute) lead to significant fluid displacement to the extravascular space of the lung in the sense of a preclinical interstitial(More)