Günther A. Hoffmann

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Availability prediction in a telecommunication system plays a crucial role in its management, either by alerting the operator to potential failures or by proactively initiating preventive measures. In this paper, we apply linear (ARMA, multivariate, random walk) and nonlinear (Radial and Universal Basis Functions) regression techniques to recognize system(More)
Recently, measurement based studies of software systems proliferated, reflecting an increasingly empirical focus on system availability, reliability, aging and fault tolerance. However, it is a non-trivial, error-prone, arduous, and time-consuming task even for experienced system administrators and statistical analysis to know what a reasonable set of steps(More)
Preoperative diagnosis of pituitary abscess is very difficult. In particular, differentiation from other cystic processes of the sellar region is delicate. The clinical and radiological findings of a case of pituitary abscess are presented. Since CT and MRI are of major importance for routine pituitary screening, the aspects of these methods are emphasized.(More)
Most computer users know that one of the most effective ways to recover from faults such as system crashes and performance degradation is simply to reset or reboot a computer. Although these methods might be expensive in terms of downtime, they are frequently most effective. Since commercial users in most cases cannot afford the restart, they tend to use(More)
Neutrophil kinetic studies were performed by autotransfusion of3H-DFP labeled blood cells and subsequent autoradiographic analysis of the circulating neutrophils. This method allowed neutrophil specific data to be determined under normal as well severe neutropenic and neutrophilic conditions. This was demonstrated by examination of hematologically normal(More)
The ability to target genes to the various layers, cell types, and appendages of the skin could be used to correct disorders, including those of aging such as wrinkling, as well as utilize specific cell types for production molecules useful elsewhere in the body. However, the stratum corneum acts as a significant physical barrier to gene transfer into the(More)
We propose a new paradigm for software availability enhancement. We offer a two-step strategy: Failure prediction followed by maintenance actions with the objective of avoiding impending failures or minimizing the effort of their repair. For the first step we present two failure prediction methods: universal basis functions (UBF) and similar events(More)