Günter Wolf

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Complete automation of the macromolecular crystallography experiment has been achieved at SSRL through the combination of robust mechanized experimental hardware and a flexible control system with an intuitive user interface. These highly reliable systems have enabled crystallography experiments to be carried out from the researchers' home institutions and(More)
A novel aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase that contains an iron-sulfur cluster in the tRNA anticodon-binding region and efficiently charges tRNA with tryptophan has been found in Thermotoga maritima. The crystal structure of TmTrpRS (tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase; TrpRS; EC reveals an iron-sulfur [4Fe-4S] cluster bound to the tRNA anticodon-binding (TAB)(More)
The Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG), one of four large-scale structure-determination centers funded by the US Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) through the National Institute for General Medical Sciences, has been operating an automated distributed structure-solution pipeline, Xsolve, for well over half a decade. During PSI-2, Xsolve solved,(More)
Data from H1 and ZEUS on the structure and the quark and gluon densities of the proton are discussed. A brief excursion is made into the eld of inclusive diiraction by deep inelastic scattering. The comparison of e ? p and e + p scattering at large momentum transfers demonstrates clearly the presence of weak contributions in neutral current interactions.(More)
Introduction. Transcriptional regulators play a crucial role in the adaptation of microorganisms to diverse environmental challenges. 1–3 Most microbial transcriptional regulators contain an effector binding regulatory domain and a DNA-binding domain that interacts with a specific operator DNA to either prevent (transcriptional repress-ors) or stimulate(More)
Highlights presented at this conference are reviewed. This includes observation of CP violation in the B-sector, detection of direct CP violation in the K 0-system, new measurements on solar neutrinos, cosmic microwave background radiation and properties of the universe, electroweak results from the large colliders and tests of the Standard Model,(More)
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