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Complete automation of the macromolecular crystallography experiment has been achieved at SSRL through the combination of robust mechanized experimental hardware and a flexible control system with an intuitive user interface. These highly reliable systems have enabled crystallography experiments to be carried out from the researchers' home institutions and(More)
A novel aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase that contains an iron-sulfur cluster in the tRNA anticodon-binding region and efficiently charges tRNA with tryptophan has been found in Thermotoga maritima. The crystal structure of TmTrpRS (tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase; TrpRS; EC reveals an iron-sulfur [4Fe-4S] cluster bound to the tRNA anticodon-binding (TAB)(More)
The Joint Center for Structural Genomics (JCSG), one of four large-scale structure-determination centers funded by the US Protein Structure Initiative (PSI) through the National Institute for General Medical Sciences, has been operating an automated distributed structure-solution pipeline, Xsolve, for well over half a decade. During PSI-2, Xsolve solved,(More)
Data from H1 and ZEUS on the structure and the quark and gluon densities of the proton are discussed. A brief excursion is made into the eld of inclusive diiraction by deep inelastic scattering. The comparison of e ? p and e + p scattering at large momentum transfers demonstrates clearly the presence of weak contributions in neutral current interactions.(More)
Highlights presented at this conference are reviewed. This includes observation of CP violation in the B-sector, detection of direct CP violation in the K 0-system, new measurements on solar neutrinos, cosmic microwave background radiation and properties of the universe, electroweak results from the large colliders and tests of the Standard Model,(More)
Introduction. Transcriptional regulators play a crucial role in the adaptation of microorganisms to diverse environmental challenges. 1–3 Most microbial transcriptional regulators contain an effector binding regulatory domain and a DNA-binding domain that interacts with a specific operator DNA to either prevent (transcriptional repress-ors) or stimulate(More)
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