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In this paper we present "Homie" an artificial companion for elderly people. Our approach emphasizes amusement and benefit - amusement in form of entertainment and benefit in terms of medical care. The key to awake elderly people's emotional engagement in an artificial companion is its emotional behavior. Therefore, we propose a companion that does not look(More)
Contemporary video games are highly complex systems with many interacting variables. To make sure that a game provides a satisfying experience, a meaningful analysis of gameplay data is crucial, particularly because the quality of a game directly relates to the experience a user gains from playing it. Automatic instrumentation techniques are increasingly(More)
Educational games have the potential to engage students deeply with a particular topic, because they allow children to actively participate in the learning process rather than just being passive observers. However, the design of educational games can be challenging because serious objectives have to be brought in line with a satisfying gameplay experience.(More)
This paper describes an implementation of a progressive radiosity algorithm for triangular meshes which works completely on programmable graphics processors. Errors due to the rasterization of triangles are fixed in a post-processing step or with a fragment shader during runtime. Adaptive subdivision to increase the accuracy of the radiosity solution can be(More)
With increasing popularity of ontologies in various communities, visualizations of their content and structure became more and more important. In the past few years a number of visualization approaches were developed with the focus either on the representation of the relationships between classes or on the hierarchical structure and instances. However for(More)
Instrumentation to automatically log information – so called gameplay metrics – about the player-game interaction has become an important tool for analyzing player behavior in games. However, due to the usually large amount of gathered data, analysis of the collected data can be challenging. Visualizations have become a promising addition to statistical(More)