Günter Unbehend

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For the Fusarium trichothecene mycotoxins T-2 and HT-2, a combined (T-2 + HT-2) temporary tolerable daily intake (tTDI) of 0.06 microg kg(-1) body weight day(-1) was proposed at the European level in 2001 (Opinion of the Scientific Committee on Food). In the near future, maximum levels for these trichothecenes will be regulated by the European Commission as(More)
The influence of different dough ingredients such as fat, salt, sourdough, emulsifiers, and sugar on the formation of 3-chloropropane-1,2-diol (3-MCPD) during toast preparation under domestic conditions was investigated. In comparison with a fat-free recipe, addition of 1% peanut fat considerably increased 3-MCPD formation, but varying the fat (2-5%) or(More)
Ten Croatian and five German wheat varieties were tested. They were carried out using the German standard testing protocol. The results demonstrated that the quality of the Croatian wheat varieties could be ranged in A-C quality groups according to the German testing protocol. Croatian wheat varieties were comparable in many parameters (protein content,(More)
Trans-fatty acids (TFA) should be avoided in the nutrition due to health concerns. Despite that there are several frying fats available on the market with reduced content of TFA this has to be implemented for the production of doughnuts in many bakeries. In this frying experiment the commonly used fat consisting of partially hydrogenated peanut oil (PHPO)(More)
Ten Croatian and five German wheat varieties were tested. Wheat protein composition was analysed according to a modified Osborne fractionation. They were extracted in four fractions: NaCl fraction, ethanol fraction, acetic acid fraction and insoluble fraction. The influence of protein and protein composition on the loaf volume was investigated. In protein(More)
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