Günter Scheffknecht

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An important source of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in residential areas, particularly in the winter season, is the burning process when wood is used for domestic heating. The target of this study was to investigate the particle-phase PAH composition of ambient samples in order to assess the influence of wood combustion on air quality in(More)
Due to its large reserves, coal is expected to continue to play an important role in the future. However, specific and absolute CO2 emissions are among the highest when burning coal for power generation. Therefore, the capture of CO2 from power plants may contribute significantly in reducing global CO2 emissions. This review deals with the oxyfuel process,(More)
A new concept is proposed for combined fermentation (two-stage high-load fermenter) and gasification (two-stage fluidised bed gasifier with CO2 separation) of sewage sludge and wood, and the subsequent utilisation of the biogenic gases in a hybrid power plant, consisting of a solid oxide fuel cell and a gas turbine. The development and optimisation of the(More)
The 1999/31 Elemental Carbon Directive sets strict rules on the disposal of untreated municipal solid waste in the European Union countries and forces a reduction of the biodegradable quantities disposed off to landfills up to 35% of the amount produced in 1995 in the coming decade. More environmentally friendly waste management options shall be promoted(More)
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