Günter Riedewald

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Several tools for source-to-source transformation are based on top down parsers. This restricts the user to use grammars without left recursion. Removing left recursion of a given grammar often makes it unreadable, preventing a user from concentrating on the original grammar. Additionally, the question arises, whether the tool implements the semantics of(More)
We describe a Prolog-based approach to the development of language processors (such as preprocessors, frontends, evaluators, tools for software modification and analysis). The design of the corresponding environment Laptob for prological language processing is outlined. Language processor definitions in Laptob are basically Prolog programs. The programs(More)
A formal and effective approach to the extension of the computational behaviour of logic programs is presented. The approach builds upon the following concepts. The extension of computational behaviour is modelled by semantics-preserving program transformations. Several basic roles involved in such transformations are identified. Every transformation(More)
We report on a class library called Trane, which provides an infrastructure to support experimenting with transformations interactively. Transformations here mean algorithms, which take software artifacts as input and output manipulated artifacts. Trane supports easy combination of transformations available in different languages, libraries and tools.(More)