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In the past few years there has been a search for suitable low-temperature-sinterable alumina-based compositions which could be cofired with other dielectric materials and pastes for use in multilayer hybrid microcircuit substrate applications [1]. Glass-ceramic materials having low dielectric constants and which could be sintered at 900°C in air or in a(More)
The interface between mandibular bone and dental implants was examined with the in vivo dog model. Implant/bone interfaces were investigated for three types of materials: Ti-30 wt% Ta/Al2O3, titanium and Al2O3 using microscopy techniques covering a large magnification range: scanning electron microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, energy dispersive(More)
Titanium and alumina are very well suited as constituents of dental metal/ceramic implants because of their excellent biocompatibility and their special chemical and mechanical properties which can be exploited to tailor composite implant structures. However, prior attempts to join pure titanium without any intermediate layer to alumina ceramic led to(More)
The phase relations in the system S i A I Z r / N O are studied by experiment and by thermodynamic calculations. The resu Its show the conditions under which such ceramics can exist and thereby explain contradictions between earlier results. The knowledge of these phase equilibria makes it possible to choose suitable material compositions in order to apply(More)
The microstructure of TiTa30 alloys diffusion bonded to a 99.7 wt% Al2O3 ceramic was subdivided into a reaction double layer containing the intermetallic phases TiAl and Ti3Al and the (alpha + beta) Ti microstructure. Excellent fracture toughness data of the TiTa30/Al2O3 joints of about 37 J/m2 were obtained after welding at 1200 degrees C for 1 h. The(More)
die Auffassnng von S~ITZ. Mit dem yon VARLEY vorgeschlagenen Mechanismus lassen sich die Ergebnisse nur in Einklang bringen, wenn m a n ann immt , daS die Mehrfachionisat ion sieh bevorzugt in Versetzungsgebie ten abspielt . E in Argument fiir diese le tz tgenannte M6glichkeit ist die bessere Wanderungsund Unterbr ingungsm6gl ichkei t der groBen Halogena(More)
The microstructure of Ti-Ta and Ti-Nb alloys diffusion bonded to a 99.7 wt% Al2O3 ceremic for dental implants is subdivided into a reaction double layer containing the phases TiAl and Ti3Al, a transition region of coarse alpha-Ti plates in beta-Ti, and the unaffected bulk metal, the alpha-Ti/beta-Ti structure of which can be refined by annealing at 800(More)
Implants performed without bone cement are predominantly influenced by the border surface between working material and tissue. A study of the surface of the ceramic implant in correlation with the tissue reaction should give an understanding of the kinetics of attachment. Sensitive methods of investigation which give reproducible results are required. In(More)
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