Günter Mugrauer

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Three polypeptide chains, A, B1, and B2, have been described for mouse laminin, a basement membrane protein. We studied expression of laminin A, B1, and B2 mRNA in the developing mouse kidney. Induction of kidney mesenchyme differentiation in vitro led to an increased expression of B1 and B2 chain mRNA on day 1 of development. In contrast, expression of A(More)
The N-myc proto-oncogene is expressed during embryogenesis, suggesting that it plays a role in normal development. Since the myc-family oncogenes have been implicated in the control of cell growth, the embryonic expression may reflect rapid proliferation known to occur in development. Alternatively, N-myc expression may be involved in specific(More)
The myc family of protooncogenes encode similar but distinct nuclear proteins. Since N-myc, c-myc, and L-myc have been found to be expressed in the newborn kidney, we studied their expression during murine kidney development. By organ culture studies and in situ hybridization of tissue sections, we found that each of the three members of the myc gene family(More)
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