Günter L. Huber

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An improved test of time dilation in special relativity has been performed using laser spectroscopy on fast ions at the heavy-ion storage-ring TSR in Heidelberg. The Doppler-shifted frequencies of a two-level transition in 7Li+ ions at v=0.064c have been measured in the forward and backward direction to an accuracy of Deltanu/nu=1 x 10(-9) using collinear(More)
We report on efficient laser operation of high quality crystalline Yb(3+):Lu(2)O(3) in thin disk configuration. Using doping concentrations between 1 at.% to 3 at.% and disk thicknesses between 0.08mm and 0.45mm the optimum crystal parameters have been determined. Pumped at 976 nm the laser operates at 1034 nm and 1080 nm. With a 0.25mm thick 3 at.%(More)
We present the first semiconductor saturable absorber mirror (SESAM) mode-locked praseodymium solid-state laser. The laser is based on a Pr(3+):LiYF(4) crystal as gain medium and a GaInP-quantum well-based SESAM. Self-starting continuous-wave mode-locked laser operation with an average output power of 16 mW is achieved at a center wavelength of 639.5 nm.(More)
We present a semiconductor saturable absorber mirror mode-locked thin disk laser based on Yb:Lu(2)O(3) with an average power of 141 W and an optical-to-optical efficiency of more than 40%. The ideal soliton pulses have an FWHM duration of 738 fs, an energy of 2.4 microJ, and a corresponding peak power of 2.8 MW. The repetition rate was 60 MHz and the beam(More)
Using a femtosecond Ti:Sapphire laser, micro-tracks of material damage were written into Yb:YAG crystals. Waveguiding was achieved in a channel between pairs of tracks with guiding losses of 1.3 dB/cm at a wavelength of 1063 nm, due to a stress induced change of the refractive index. Pumped at a wavelength of 941 nm, highly efficient laser oscillation in a(More)
We report on efficient lasers emission of Er:LiYF(4) at 2.8 microm. The crystals were pumped by InGaAs semiconductor laser emitting near 970 nm. The laser performance was investigated for different doping levels and yielded an optimum doping level of ~15%. At this Er(3+) concentration we achieved a slope efficiency of 35%, which is identical to the quantum(More)
We report efficient cw laser operation of laser diode pumped Pr(3+)-doped LiYF4 crystals in the visible spectral region. Using two InGaN laser diodes emitting at λ(P)=443.9 nm with maximum output power of 1 W each and a 2.9-mm-long crystal with a doping concentration of 0.5%, output powers of 938 mW, 418 mW, 384 mW, and 773 mW were achieved for the laser(More)
Yb:YCOB is a very attractive material for femtosecond pulse generation given its broad emission bandwidth. We demonstrate continuous-wave power scaling in the thin disk geometry to the 100-W level with a 40% optical-to-optical efficiency in multi-mode operation. Furthermore, we present initial modelocking results in the thin disk geometry, achieving pulse(More)
We passively Q switched a Nd:LaSc(3)(BO(3))(4) microchip laser with an antiresonant Fabry-Perot saturable absorber (A-FPSA) and achieved single-frequency, 180-ps pulses with 0.1 microJ of pulse energy at a repetition rate of 110 kHz. Because of the compactness and scaling possibilities offered by the A-FPSA, the pulse width can be varied from 180 ps to 30(More)
Efficient diode pumping at wavelengths of 1.9 and 2.0microm of a Cr(2+): ZnSe laser with an output power of 105 mW and a slope efficiency of 35% with respect to the absorbed pump power is presented. In addition, Cr(2+): CdMnTe has been laser diode pumped as well as operated in the continuous-wave regime, to the best of our knowledge for the first time.