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The simian virus 40 (SV40) T antigen is composed of 708 amino acids and forms monomers and various oligomers and, in small amounts, heterologous complexes with the cellular oncoprotein p53 (T-p53). Using SV40 mutants coding for T antigen fragments which are either deleted in the N-terminal half or truncated by various lengths at the C-terminal end, we found(More)
Following demand from the user community regarding the possibility of improving the experimental resolution, the dedicated high-intensity/extended Q-range SANS diffractometer KWS-2 of the Jü lich Centre for Neutron Science at the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Center in Garching was equipped with a double-disc chopper with a variable opening slit window and(More)
We report on an exclusive and kinematically complete high-statistics measurement of the basic double-pionic fusion reaction pn→dπ(0)π(0) over the full energy region of the ABC effect, a pronounced low-mass enhancement in the ππ-invariant mass spectrum. The measurements, which cover also the transition region to the conventional t-channel ΔΔ process, were(More)
In the first production run of the WASA experiment at COSY, the eta decay into three neutral pions was measured in proton– proton interactions at a proton beam kinetic energy of 1.4 GeV. The Dalitz plot of the three pions was studied using 1.2×10 5 fully reconstructed events, and the quadratic slope parameter α was determined to be −0.027 ± 0.008(stat) ±(More)
Dynacore's project objective is to provide tools for the remote operation of large physics experiments [1], [2], [3]. Our group concentrates on the design of a remote control room for the Textor-94 plasma-physics experiment [4], which will incorporate a distributed database, accessible with Corba over Internet [5]. During normal operation, Textor-94(More)
The KWS-2 SANS diffractometer is dedicated to the investigation of soft matter and biophysical systems covering a wide length scale, from nm to µm. The instrument is optimized for the exploration of the wide momentum transfer Q range between 1x10-4 and 0.5 Å-1 by combining classical pinhole, focusing (with lenses), and time-of-flight (with chopper) methods,(More)
EMS Experiment Message Speciication is a ex-ible software package, designed to build scalable distributed data acquisition systems for experiments at the Cooler Synchrotron COSY at the Forschungszen-trum J ulich. It uses an object oriented hardware mapping for control and monitoring, which is logically based on MMS and FMS standards. Access from the(More)
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