Günter Hotz

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In this paper we present some results about analytic machines regarding the power of computations over Q or R solutions of di erential equations and the stability problem of dynamical systems We rst explain the machine model which is a kind of Blum Shub Smale machine enhanced by in nite convergent computations Next we com pare the computational power of(More)
A study was performed to examine the incidence of operable traumatic intracranial hematomas accompanying head injuries of differing degrees of severity, and to see if factors predicting operable mass lesions could be identified. Logistic analysis was used to identify independent predictors of operable traumatic intracranial hematomas. Data were gathered(More)
The main purpose of SiLVIA is to supply procedures for simulating the dynamics of colliding rigid bodies and the interactive manipulation of these bodies in virtual environments. Detecting collisions between virtual objects and calculating their reaction to these collisions play an important role in VR applications such as ergonomy studies or virtual(More)