Günter Helas

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The Amazon is one of the few continental regions where atmospheric aerosol particles and their effects on climate are not dominated by anthropogenic sources. During the wet season, the ambient conditions approach those of the pristine pre-industrial era. We show that the fine submicrometer particles accounting for most cloud condensation nuclei are(More)
Biomass burning has important impacts on atmospheric chemistry and climate. Fires in tropical forests and savannas release large quantities of trace gases and particulate matter. Combustion of biofuels for cooking and heating constitutes a less spectacular but similarly widespread biomass burning activity. To provide the groundwork for a quantification of(More)
Optical parameters of simulated ambient individual ammonium sulfate and soot-mixed particles were calculated using the discrete-dipole approximation method with different model geometries. Knowledge of the mixing state and the approximation by a suited idealized geometry reduces the errors of the optical properties by +/-50% to +/-10%. The influence of the(More)
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