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The LD50's of various solvents frequently used in toxicological work to improve the solubility of otherwise poorly soluble compounds were determined in the mouse and rat. The substances investigated were ethanol, dimethylacetamide, dimethylformamide, dimethylsulfoxide, glycerine, N-methylpyrrolidone, polyethylene glycol 400, 1,2-propanediol and Tween 20.(More)
Cimetidine plasma concentration-response relationships were investigated in six healthy subjects using suppression of gastric acid secretion under continuous pentagastrin stimulation (1.5 micrograms/kg/hr) as a test model. With the Hill equation the sigmoid was preferable to the linear relationship between plasma concentration and effect, and there were(More)
1. The carrier-mediated transport of 3H-noradrenaline out of noradrenergic neurones was studied in vasa deferentia obtained from rats after pretreatment with reserpine and pargyline (to inhibit vesicular storage and monoamine oxidase, respectively). The tissue was first preincubated with various concentrations of 3H-noradrenaline (0.3–100 μmol/l; 30 min)(More)
Blood pressure and heart rate in anaesthetized rats has been determined after i.v. injection of increasing doses of nicotine (NI) and its major metabolites, i.e. continine (CO), nornicotine (NOR), metanicotine (MN) and dihydrometanicotine (DMN). NI and MN elicited similar dose response curves, increasing blood pressure according to the dose injected.(More)
The effect of the three purine antimetabolites 6-mercaptopurine riboside (6-MPr), 6-methylmercaptopurine riboside (6-MeMPr), and azathioprine on the differentiation of the forelimbs of mouse embryos was evaluated by comparing the action of these drugs in vivo with that observed in an organ culture system. The following results have been obtained: 1. In vivo(More)
BACKGROUND The treatment of painful osteoarthritis of the hip in cerebral palsy requires a therapy concept that considers the pathoanatomical features and adapts the treatment to the individual physical and mental abilities. Femoral head resection has been proven be effective in severely dislocated hip joints in completely immobilized patients, whereas no(More)
Children with severe malnutrition and diarrhea have high mortality rates that have been attributed to faulty case-management. Health workers are often unaware of the unique treatment requirements of severely malnourished children resulting in improper case-management. Moreover, the lack of prescriptive guidelines promotes the exercise of discretion in(More)
Computer calculations are used to show the feasibility of a concept which explains the manifestation of a pathological cell function from a latent state by the phenomenon of extrachromosomal inheritance (through the mitochondrial genome) in mammalian cells. A hypothesis is submitted in which this principle is applied to the process of carcinogenesis.(More)